Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Intro to me

Hello everybody! I suppose I should explain my blog's name first. Yes, I am pagan. If you are christian (or whatever) and don't agree with me, save it for god. I don't care. Go read someone else's blog who agrees with you so you can dress just like them and follow each other around. Moving on . . . I consider myself a semi-adult because, although I am in my twenties, I still don't feel like an adult. I am single and have no children, unless you cout three spoiled cats, one of whom just leaped off my lap. She was offended by my typing. I see no reason to seek Mr. Right because, with my luck, he'll be a drunken idiot I wouldn't have with coupons. I am currently unemployed and having a hard time reconciling myself to going back to work. I hate work. Whay can't people just send me money? That's all for my intro. Expect more whining and bitter comments next time.


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