Thursday, January 05, 2006

After Holiday Letdown

Is it just me, or does January suck? You struggle through Thanksgiving and Christmas, frantically buying nonsense for people, trying desperately to have a good time, and then January rolls around. If you live someplace where it gets cold in the winter, you stare at grey sky and possibly snow and ice for two or three months. Everyone burbles on cheerfully about New Year's resolutions and Valentine's Day. I resolve to sleep through winter next year. For Valentine's Day, I will buy half price chocolates and resist my friends' attempts to drag me to some bar or other so I can get stared at by men my father's age. My friends think I should get out more. Why should that involve sitting in a room filled with smoke and an ear-splitting racket from whatever sound sytem and/or band is playing? That's just what I need to impress guys . . . red and bleary eyes from peering through the murk and a sore throat from shouting to be heard above the noise. Maybe spring will come early this year.


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