Friday, January 06, 2006

Annoying Things Part Two

Ahah . . . Adobe Reader was updating behind my back. No wonder I couldn't even type without a major delay. Thank goodness that's done. I wish it would ask first instead of just updating whenever you connect to the internet. I have dial up, man. No updates unless an explosion is immenent.

Getting back to my annoying list . . .

  • Bad drivers. Now, we have all had at least one 'whatever' day where we drive badly and don't care. But seriously, folks, this is one thing that annoys me more than anything. I live in deer central. They are everywhere, in herds of five or more. I have seen up to twenty cross the road at peak deer times. (For you city folk, peek times change according to the season, but are mostly at sunrise and sunset.) At peek deer times, I drive about 5 miles slower than usual, which puts me right at the speed limit. Now, if you are gaining rapidly on a slower moving vehicle and there is no one else on the road and no curves in sight do you A) slow down (yeah, right) B) pass or C) sit on their bumper for twenty minutes, then go roaring around faster than an ambulance going to the hospital? Sadly, many people seem to be choosing C these days.
  • The sound of something falling in the other room. What is going on now? Whew. False alaram. Cat climbing on kitty condo, then dropping toy from a height. I got them one for Christmas and they are still getting used to it.
  • Local yokels who can't get it together. Don't get me wrong; I was born around here but my many ancestors were not all born in this area and interbreeding for generations. You can always tell which people's families have lived here for centuries; they're the ones with the 'duh' look on their face and an irritatingly slow way of walking, talking, and (if they're smart (for them)) thinking. Beware the groups who run into each other in a local store. They will block the aisle for twenty minutes to an hour while their six kids (if they are young yokels) run screaming through the store. The old yokels take even longer, probably because they forget who they are talking to halfway through and have to start over.
  • People who say they are going to call you, then don't. What is the deal? Is it so hard to remember? (Yeah, yeah, I know. I shouldn't tweak about this. But dammit, I haven't heard from this person for a few months now. They call me out of the blue, get interrupted by their call waiting, then say they will call right back. I'll be damned if I'm calling them.)
  • The endless random nonsense that distracts me when I trying to do something. It's like a theme today - or a running gag. Why is it that the second I start typing or pick up my crochet things start happening? (Yeah, I crochet. I also cross stitch. What's it to ya?!)
  • Storms building. I can feel one coming. Probably why I'm so freakin' touchy about all of the above. I'm one of those sensitive to the weather people. If you are one, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If not, you'll never understand.
  • Going back on my healthy habits tomorrow. Well, that is to say, my semi- healthy habits. No more soda in the house; it sucks the vitamins out of your bones and provides empty calories. Juice instead or lemonade, etc. Finishing off the holiday desserts and not making more. Etc.

Well, that's all for today, folks. More rantin' and ravin' as time allows.


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