Saturday, January 07, 2006

Oh, The Stupidity

Oh, wow. Where do I start? I made the mistake of glancing at our local paper today. A police officer spots a car off the side of the road and stops to investigate. Inside is a man asleep or unconscious. The cop suceeds in waking the man up, who, seeing a cop at his window, freaks out and starts his car, which promptly explodes. He had a meth lab in his vehicle. The police officer, taken by surprise, manages to call for help with his radio while the suspect flees across the fields. The suspect's picture was also in the paper. He looks like a real winner. I hope he was drunk when the picture was taken. The picture is that bad.

Then I saw that some rabid christians are leading a protest at a soldier's funeral. The poor guy bought it in Iraq and has been shipped home for burial. What are they protesting, I hear you ask. Surely they are protesting the war, or fighting in general. Nope. The soldier who gave his life for our country might have been gay. They are claiming that it is god's judgement against him. Next, they plan to march to West Virginia, where they will explain to those poor coal miners' families that god judged them too sinful to live and so caused the mining accident. Wow. Rabid and rampant stupidity. I hope their life insurance is paid up.


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