Sunday, January 08, 2006

Last Night - Warning: Sentimentality Ahead

Ok, we didn't make the movie. The chaos fairy visited us again and due to an extremely long story we ran too late. So I didn't get my pancakes at 2 am, but I got them at midnight instead, so I am not complaining. I got to spend at least 2 hours in the company of my 2 very best friends in the whole wide world, so the movie can go hang itself . . . at least until next weekend.

Speaking of my friends, we have been together for a really long time. We've gone through the stages of life together, all the way from bullies in elementary school to 'Oh, my gosh, he's hot', from 'I think I might be pregenant' to 'I have something to tell you - I'm gay.' Through thick and thin we've stood together, watching each other's backs and supporting each other against the world. Now we can barely find 2 hours to sit together before one of us falls asleep or has to leave. I know people say that part of growing up is losing your childhood friends. I disagree. We three will be friends until we are all sitting together in the same nursing home. My friend has already called the bed by the window. I hearby call dibs on the jigsaw puzzles in the rec room. It may be a long journey, but we will make it together.


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