Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Memorial To An Old Friend

I recieved some sad news this morning. One of my cats became sick Sunday night and I took her to the vet Monday morning. It turned out that she had an incurable disease called Feline Lukemia Complex. The name is a misnomer; they thought the disease was a type of cancer, but in recent years they have discovered that it is more like kittycat AIDS. She passed away and left me forlorn.

Her mother and sister look at me accusingly; they know I took her somewhere. How can you explain death to a cat? It seems so quiet here now; there is a void in my home and in my heart.

Goodbye my Sweetheart, my Squeak, my Sqeakers, and my Sweetie. May you know peace and happiness wherever you are now. If the gods are kind, we will meet again one day in kittycat Elyseium, and I will hold you again in my arms. Until then, may the gods smile on you and make you happy every hour until I come to you.


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