Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Rant About Something I Can't Let Go

Ok, so for some reason this particular incident keeps popping up in my mind. I don't know why but maybe if I jot it down here it will quit interrupting my peaceful game playing. There is a festival called Native American Days in the neighboring state. I enjoy it very much. This last year, I was sick with some god-awful mono-like virus and missed all the fairs I usually go to. The state fair, the county fair, the Fall Festival in Evansville, I was too sick for all of them. When Native American Days cam around, I was really looking forward to it.

It rained, of course. No big deal, I thought. The first one I attended was held in a downpour. Of course, when we arrived, it looked like everything was shut down. The event is held at Angel Mounds and there is an interpretive center there. We went inside to see if they were simply postponing everything until later or if it had been canceled. That's when it happened. The center really has nothing to do with the festival. The center is run by volunteers, I guess; at any rate they are all white haired old ladies. The group in front of us had obviously never been to Native American Days before. When they asked about it, the lady behind the desk lied to them. She told them that it was inside and charged them to go in. Yes, there is a fee involved with the interpretive center, but not with Native American Days. I have never been so outraged in all my life. If I had been paying close attention, I would have called her on it before they payed their money. Our turn was next, and probably the look in my eye told her that I knew what she had done. She told us the festival had been called off. Smarter than she looked. If she had worn a name tag, I would have reported the evil old bat. Stupid to still be so upset about it months later, but there it is. Maybe if I had reported it, I wouldn't still be getting angry right now.


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