Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Class is in session!

Yikes, it certainly is! I think my books weigh a modest 20 pounds . . . each! But seriously, why do they produce such huge tomes?! Most classes will go through maybe half the material in an average textbook. You lay out about $100 per book for something you will use only about 45% of, then when they buy it back they only want to give you $30. Sheesh. Someone's making money here; I only know it's not me!

Saints and gods preserve me; I'm in classes with teachers who believe in group work and class participation! Pet peeves of mine, those two, old enemies from the early days of elementary school. Group work means you have at least one person in your group who is A) incompetent or B) lazy. Therefore, someone gets stuck doing their work too. (Three guesses as to who that usually is!) Class participation can be a good thing. My problem is, as a general rule, once the teachers knows who is paying attention and understands, they will then call upon two people who they know do not care at all, then turn to the competent students and say things like, "I'm sure Lisa can tell us the answer." or "Bob, why don't you explain?" (Two guesses as to who got singled out the most in class as a 'right answer' student!)

At any rate, I have to go. Freaking work schedule is worse than ever and I somehow have to work in 6 lab hours of whatever before the semester ends. Yikes!


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