Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yikes, what a long hiatus!

Ok, so I've been extremely busy all summer with my part (!) time job. One small digression, without naming names, but every place I've ever worked before believed that part-time was less than 30 hours per week. I spent all summer with 36 hour weeks. NOW corporate has handed down a memo that states all part time people must be less than 30 hours per week. Sheesh. Where were YOU at the beginning of the summer? Not that I didn't need the money, but still! Maybe I wouldn't be so ticked if I had some of the money left.

Well, the big news is I start school Monday. Five, count 'em, FIVE college classes. Am I worried? You bet. I haven't seen the inside of a classroom since 1999. I have to say, though, that working all summer has definately stiffened my resolve to finish school and make something of myself. Exactly what I'll make, I don't know, but it's got to be better than this. Catch you in class, friends.


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